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There is an update available for your installation of the XFS v4.  To update, re-download the product from the Software Download section of the My Account page.  Then install the updated AIR file (and MXP file if using Dreamweaver Extension version), using the same procedure as when you first installed the product.   Please Note: You do not need to uninstall the AIR file or Dreamweaver extension prior to updating. Simply double-click on each file and you will be prompted to update the existing components.

Notable changes in recent builds:

  • Build 209 - Added support for passing gallery thumbnail, title and description through external data source URLs [learn more]. Enables easy integration of Flickr collections, allowing for dynamic multi-gallery slideshows [see tutorial].
  • Build 208 - Added support for additional RSS formats when using external image data sources.
  • Build 205 - New panorama viewing support that allows user to explore an image!  Fix for issue that caused isolated AIR 1.5 installations to have a "broken" browse button.
  • Build 200 - Fix for issue that caused slideshow naming to fail when creating a new slideshow (thus causing the Standalone version to not recognize some slideshows). Standalone version modified to recognize even un-named slideshows in an HTML file. Standalone version modified to properly insert and edit slideshows in pages that include a <body> tag with attributes.
  • Build 199 - Fix for issue that caused a blank components panel for a few Basic version users. New support for setting the link target of the right-click link.
  • Build 198 - New debugging preferences window (File > Debugging Preferences...). Aids support in determining issues.
  • Build 197 - Fix for issue affecting template importing from the web (caused certain templates to fail to import).
  • Build 194 - Fix for error that affected isolated Windows 7 systems, causing failed startups.
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