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The XML Flash Slideshow v4 software allows you to quickly and easily create media presentations that engage and impress your site visitors.  Available as a Dreamweaver extension or Standalone application, the product allows you to create presentations without using external software. (Flash is not required, but slideshows can be integrated with existing Flash projects.)

The XFS v4 is designed to simplify and streamline your creation process, reducing development time and allowing you to focus on what you do best.  From numerous pre-built starter templates to a built-in thumbnail generator, from special customization tools to a built-in preview, the product will help you build better slideshows and media presentations faster.  Use the sample explorer above to see some of the possibilities. 

From simple images-only slideshows to full-featured portfolios, if you want impressive media presentations on your site fast, the XFS v4 is for you.  Purchase Now »  Upgrade Now »

Simple or Intricate - Your Pick »

Make it become whatever you want, from simple images-only slideshows to complex multi-gallery presentations with video and audio.   The XFS v4 is designed for both ends of the spectrum.

Speed and Simplicity »

As you can see from the customer testimonials on the right, the XFS v4 is designed to help you get impressive slideshows on your site without any muss or fuss, and get it done in minutes.

Above all, it's more user impact with less time and effort.


Streamlined Dreamweaver Integration - or Standalone »

Working with Dreamweaver?  The Dreamweaver extension version allows you to add slideshows to pages without ever leaving Dreamweaver. 

Not using Dreamweaver?   No problem - the Standalone version lets you work with any other text or HTML editor.

Customization Ad Infinitum »

The XFS v4 isn't rigid.  Start from scratch or with one of the dozens of pre-built starter templates, then customize as much or little as you like.  The radically-improved layout editor [show demo] allows you to customize every aspect of the presentation's appearance.  Countless playback and configuration options are available as well.


Comprehensive Documentation »

The docs got a big upgrade in v4.  Want to move beyond the starter tutorials and screencasts? Sink your teeth into the hundreds of pages of detailed usage manual and developer reference in the Support Center.

No Server Requirements »

Any server works with the XFS v4, and slideshows can be inserted in any type of web page or CMS.  Dynamic data can even be integrated if desired.


Dedicated Customer Support »

In the event you run into any trouble and can't find an answer, we're here to help. Don't take our word for it -- read the testimonials.

One-Click iOS and Android Compatibility »

Worried about mobile visitors getting left out in the cold?  Worry no more.  The XFS v4 allows you to enable an impressive touchscreen-optimized version of your presentation in as little as one click.  The non-Flash content is automatically displayed for your visitors on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Use the beautiful turnkey touch presentation, or customize to your heart's content.


Something for Everyone

No matter if you're an expert or a newbie, a Flash guru or a time-pressed web designer, the XFS v4 has something for you.  Purchase Now »  Upgrade Now »

Web Designers & Developers »

• Impress clients and offer them a wider range of options • Save time, creating better slideshow presentations with less effort • Fit the look and feel of customer sites • Let clients update their own slideshows with the Standalone version or Flickr API integration

Flash Designers & Developers »

• Save time while getting an incredible result • Easily integrate into your existing FLA projects (or Flex projects) • API + Support for custom Actionscript • Easy skinning to match your project


Dev Specialists / Coders »

Design not your forté?  No problem - pre-built templates and great-looking defaults will get you going.  And don't worry - you can play in the code too.  Loads of docs and an API are waiting.

Graphic Artists, Photographers »

Display your portfolio in a way that's impressive and easy to update.  Flickr integration makes it easy to manage photos in one place and have a Flickr presence.


Business Owners »

Engage potential customers with impressive and customizable media presentations.  Save money, because your designer or developer won't need as much time to create the presentations.  And the product's easy enough to use that web newbies can make slideshows too.

Students & Faculty »

Need to show off your portfolio?  Want to showcase your students' work for web visitors?  Create a kiosk, impress potential employers, or spruce up your department website.

 Product News and Testimonials »

Feature Detail

General / Development Features

  • Simplicity and Speed = Time Savings - Regardless of whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the product provides simplicity and power to help you get your job done faster and better.  Version 4 has been re-designed from the ground up to make the creation, customization, and updating process more intuitive and streamlined.
  • Unlimited Customization Potential - All aspects of layout, appearance and configuration are fully customizable.  See the Customization & Integration Features section below for more details.
  • Sleek and Professional Display - Centered around a "less is more" minimalistic approach, slideshows are designed to emphasize what's important - your media - and de-emphasize navigation and controls.  Included layout options make it easy to auto-hide inactive controls.
  • Dreamweaver Integration / Flash Not Required - With the Dreamweaver Extension version, you can add slideshows and media presentations to your site without ever leaving Dreamweaver.  The Flash authoring tool is not required.  With the Standalone version, you don't need any other software, period.  Staying in the same environment means you can focus on the task and waste less time choosing your tools.
  • Built in Thumbnail Generator - No need to waste time with a third-party thumbnail tool.  The built-in tool creates thumbs to your specifications in a blink of an eye.
  • Great Experience for All Users - Thanks to the Flash-based display, all of your users will receive the same compelling experience.  The Flash Player's stability and ubiquity (over 99% of web users have it) mean you don't have to worry about browser bugs and incompatibility issues.
  • No Server-side Requirements - Works with any server and on any page
  • Dynamic Data / Flickr Ready - Robust support for external data - including Flickr, custom-built data sources, and more - allows you or your client to update content on the fly without touching the program.  Spruce up your homepage's feature rotator.  Add better slideshows to your real estate site.  The sky's the limit.  For more info, see the Dynamic Data & Flickr Features section below.
  • So Much More - There's so much more, you've got to experience it to understand it.  Don't see that special make-or-break feature for your project listed?  Drop us a line at the bottom of this page.  Chances are it's already there, and if not, we'll probably add it in a future update.

Photo / Image Features

  • Panning / Zooming (Ken Burns) - Attract and maintain interest with the movement of the Ken Burns effect, where your photos zoom and pan.  Define all aspects of the effects, then assign them to one or more photos.
  • Reflections - Add a dynamic reflection effect.  Customize it to be glassy, muted, or blurred.
  • Rounded Corners - Round the corners of your photos on the fly.
  • Border, Matte and Drop Shadow - Add borders, mattes, drop shadows (or all of them) to the photos.  Or even add a custom frame image to overlay the photos.
  • Numerous Transitions - Almost 20 different transitions are available between photos (see the Transitions demo in the Sample Explorer above).  Choose from a simple fade, a soft blur and fade, a wipe effect, a 3D cube or flip, and many more.  And oh yeah, you can customize dozens of settings for each type of transition.  Randomly cycle through all effects (or certain selected ones), or set photo-specific transitions.
  • Captions, Titles, Tooltips and Overlay Text + Notes - There are numerous ways to display more information about your photos, even beyond a title and caption.  Add tooltips for hover-based information, overlay text in a custom position on certain photos, or add note boxes to highlight specific features of a specific photo.
  • Randomization - You can randomize any or all galleries at runtime, ensuring that a different image order is displayed every time.
  • Image Links - Add unique links to every photo, so your users can use the slideshow presentation to get where they need to go.  Auto-jumps are also supported, so you can automatically redirect to different pages when the slideshow finishes or gets to a certain point.
  • Smart Loading - Intelligent loading algorithms ensure that your users will receive the most streamlined experience possible, without interruptions to load more media.  Other options can be used to reduce server load or always provide precise timing for playback.
  • Security Features / Watermarks and Passwords - Want to protect your photos from theft?  Built-in dynamic watermarking and a Flash display offer the highest level of image protection available for online photo displays.  Want to control access to client photos or add privacy to family photos?  Built-in gallery password support allows you to manage who sees what, down to a granular level within individual slideshows.
  • Permalinks - Link directly to specific galleries or photos by adding a value to the URL of your page.
  • Metadata Integration - Rather add information to your photos when you take them or off-load them?  Already have millions of photos with existing metadata?  Use the metadata integration feature to read and display this information directly from your photos.

Audio & Video Features

  • Background, Gallery-specific, & Image-specific Audio - Add a narration to a certain photo, use different music for each gallery in a slideshow, or play the same audio during the entire slideshow.  Or even play more than one at once!  Each slide can be configured to control gallery and background audio, allowing for synchronization and more.
  • Customized Audio Controls - Use a pre-built audio controller or build your own visually with control elements available in the drag-n-drop layout editor.  Make it as simple or complex as needed.
  • Flash Video (FLV) or H.264 / MP4 Video - Include FLVs or MP4s in your slideshow presentations.  Video slides can be mixed and matched with standard photo slides, allowing you to create video-only presentations or video-enhanced slideshows.
  • Instant or User-Initiated Video Playback - On a per-slide basis, configure video to start automatically or only once the user clicks to start the video.

Customization & Integration Features

  • Great to Start ... Easy to Make Even Better - Every feature and setting comes with a professional appearance right out of the box.  But it also comes with settings to easily customize stuff like colors and appearance. 
  • Layout, Appearance and Configuration According to You - We're not kidding when we say pretty much everything is customizable.  Appearance, layout, timing, behaviors ... it all can be molded to fit your needs.
  • Drag-n-Drop Layout Editor - The revamped WYSIWYG layout editor [show demo] lets you easily add, remove or customize any element in the slideshow presentation.  All layout can be done elastically, allowing for elegant resizing.  A powerful scripting API allows for even more control via your own Actionscript code.
  • Tons of Controls - There are dozens of control elements you can add to your slideshow presentations.  This means you can include just the controls that are relevant to your presentation, customizing it to meet your needs exactly.  See the World's Fair of Controls demo in the Sample Explorer above for a look at many of the available control elements.
  • Super-Easy Custom Buttons - Take customization to the next level with customized buttons.  If you can create an image file, you can make a custom button using the built-in easy button skinning feature.
  • Integration with Flash or Flex Projects - Want a high-end presentation in your Flash or Flex project but don't have either the experience or time to build it yourself?  Easily build slideshows and media presentations in the XFS v4, then display them within the shell of your own Flash or Flex content.
  • Fullscreen and Built-In Printing - All slideshows can be set to allow fullscreen display.  Elastic positioning and sizing means that your presentation's layout can adjust and take advantage of the fullscreen display regardless of resolution.  If desired, you can let users print photos from within the slideshow using the built-in print button.
  • Embedded Fonts - Take the typography bull by its horns with support for embedded fonts.  To use embedded fonts, it's recommended that you have the Flash authoring tool (though it's not required).
  • Custom Preloaders - Use your own images for preloaders, choose from the several built-in defaults, or remove preloaders altogether.  The appearance of all default preloaders can be customized, too.
  • Advanced Image Displays - Tired of the "one image at a time" display?  The Pro version offers a number of alternative means to display your photos, like a 3D wall, a Coverflow, a Starfield, and more.
  • Javascript Interface - For an even higher level of control, use the included javascript interface to create your own controls and navigation.

Dynamic Data & Flickr Features

  • Flickr API and Photosets - New support for the Flickr API allows a new level of Flickr integration, including displaying Photosets, Galleries, Photostreams, public searches, and more.  The Flickr Photoset tool in the Pro version allows you to add specific photosets in just a few clicks.  Using the Flickr API allows for Flickr video too.  Using Flickr in this way allows for clients to make quick updates to specific slideshows on their site.
  • Flickr Feeds - For quick integrations, Flickr feeds are still supported.  These allow you to display photos when you don't need a high level of control.
  • Generic Media RSS - Other photo-sharing sites like Picasa that provide standard Media RSS feeds can also be used as a dynamic data source.
  • Custom-Built Data Sources - Pull photos from a database or dynamically customize displays for individual users with custom-built data sources.  By creating data sources that use the comprehensively-documented image source XML format, you have complete runtime control over what photos, video and audio are displayed, along with captions, titles, tooltips and more.

All of the described features may be seen in the sample explorer at the top of the page.

How to Use the XFS v4

The extension interfaces with Dreamweaver through the Behaviors Panel (Window > Behaviors).  After selecting the <body> tag in your document, click the Add Behavior button and select the Scrollbar Styler option.  The configuration dialog will open, allowing for creation of a color theme.  After desired adjustements are made, click OK to apply the styles.  If you need to make changes later, re-select the <body> tag and double-click the Scrollbar Styler item in the Behaviors Panel.

Visit the Support Center for comprehensive usage assistance options.  Resources include a Quickstart Installation Instructions, Usage Screencast Video Tutorials, and the In-Depth Usage Manual.

Requirements and Compatibility

Platform: Windows, Mac  (See platform version note under "Adobe AIR" below)
Dreamweaver Version: The Dreamweaver Extension version requires  
The Standalone version does not require Dreamweaver
Flash Requirement: Flash is NOT required to use the product.  If you're an advanced user and want to use embedded fonts, Flash CS3, CS4, CS5 or higher is recommended but not required - the free Flex SDK can also be used for embedding fonts.
Adobe AIR Runtime: The free Adobe AIR runtime is required to run the extension's wizard.  The runtime requires at least Windows 2000 or Mac OS X 10.4.


Have pre-sales questions?  Please use the Contact Us box at the bottom of this page.

Purchase Now

License Type: License grants a single developer the right to use the software.  The product may be used to create slideshows on unlimited sites.  License does not expire.
Instant Delivery: Purchases are delivered via instant download after your purchase is complete.
Free Upgrades: Point updates (minor updates to the product) are free.  Owners of version 3 who purchased on or after July 10, 2010 qualify for free upgrades; contact support for details.
Included Support Options: Complimentary email support (response time usually same business day or less)
Customer forum access (interact with other users of the software)
On-demand Support Center resources
Safisfaction Guarantee: While no trial version is available, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are at all dissatisfied with your purchase.
Choose Your Options:

The Dreamweaver Extension version integrates directly with Dreamweaver, just like v3.  See above for version compatibility details.

The Standalone version requires no external software, and can be used in combination with any CMS or HTML or text editor.

Pro or Basic:

The Professional version includes advanced image displays (such as the 3D Wall, Coverflow, Starfield, and Scatter), enhanced panorama viewing support, and timesaving tools for serious users (such as the Flickr Photoset integrator, popup link generator, and advanced color management with Adobe Kuler integration).  The Pro version is required for integration in Flash and Flex projects.

Upgrade From:

Please note that upgrades are edition-specific; that is, you cannot upgrade from the Dreamweaver Extension edition to the Standalone edition, or vice versa.

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This is the same as your old "Transaction ID". 
Need help locating your old serial number?  Contact support below.

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