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The Flash Audio Kit for Dreamweaver is a Dreamweaver extension that allows you to easily add audio to your site - without ever leaving Dreamweaver.  Thanks to the Flash-powered display, all of your site users will receive the same compelling experience.  Only Dreamweaver is required to use the extension; the Flash authoring tool is not required.

Extensive design options ensure that players fit the look and feel of your site.  The included JukeBox tool allows for streamlined integration of multiple audio files.  Use the sample viewer above to view some of the possibilities.

If you want audio on your site fast, the Flash Audio Kit for Dreamweaver is for you.

Deliver Audio to All Users, Regardless of Platform or Connection Speed »

Using Flash to deliver your audio ensures that everyone will see it, regardless of what browser or operating system they're using.  Thanks to built-in progressive-download streaming, audio starts almost immediately and plays as it downloads.

Speed and Simplicity »

As you can see from the customer testimonials on the right, the Flash Audio Kit is designed to help you get audio on your site without any muss or fuss, and get it done in minutes.


Streamlined Dreamweaver Integration »

To insert audio, you click the Insert Flash Audio button in Dreamweaver.  The wizard launches, allowing you to specify the audio and customize the player appearance if desired.  Click Insert and your audio will be inserted in the web page, ready to be viewed.  Making changes is just as easy.

Extensive Design Options »

Use one of the 10 pre-built controller layouts, or create your own using the layout editor.  Customize dimensions, control colors, background colors, and text styles.  Create a hidden background player, or a full-featured jukebox with controls.  If you have Flash MX 2004, 8, CS3, CS4, or CS5+, you can even create custom buttons.


Audio URL Encryption »

Worried about audio file theft?  Deter would-be thieves with the audio URL encryption option.

No Server Requirements »

Any server works with the Flash Audio Kit, and players can be inserted in any type of web page.  Players and jukeboxes can even be integrated with dynamic data if desired.


Dedicated Customer Support »

In the event you run into any trouble and can't find an answer, we're here to help.

 Product News and Testimonials »

Feature Summary

  • Simplicity and Speed / Time Savings - You can have audio on your site in 5 minutes, whether you're an expert Dreamweaver user or not
  • Dreamweaver Integration / Flash Not Required - Add audio to your site without ever leaving Dreamweaver.  The Flash authoring tool is not required.
  • No Server-side Requirements - Works with any server and on any page
  • Fast Loading and Small Footprint - Due to progressive-download streaming and a player size of only 38 KB, your audio will start playing almost immediately and play as it downloads.
  • Customization Options - Make your audio players and jukeboxes fit the look and feel of your site with a wide range of options.  Create a full-featured player, or an invisible background player.  Customize which controls are shown, then customize their colors and styles.  Adjust player dimensions, and customize the background (or make it transparent).  If you have Flash MX 2004, 8, CS3, CS4, or CS5 or higher, you can even create custom control buttons.
  • Jukebox Tool - Allows for creating playlists of multiple files on your site.  Loop the tracks automatically, or let the user manually select songs.
  • Audio URL Encryption - Protect your file URLs from prying eyes with the URL encryption option

How to Use the Extension

The extension interfaces with Dreamweaver through the Behaviors Panel (Window > Behaviors).  After selecting the <body> tag in your document, click the Add Behavior button and select the Scrollbar Styler option.  The configuration dialog will open, allowing for creation of a color theme.  After desired adjustements are made, click OK to apply the styles.  If you need to make changes later, re-select the <body> tag and double-click the Scrollbar Styler item in the Behaviors Panel.

Visit the Support Center for comprehensive usage assistance options.  Resources include text-based Quickstart Installation and Usage Instructions and detailed Usage Demo Videos.

Requirements and Compatibility

Platform: Compatible Windows, Compatible Mac 
Dreamweaver Version: Compatible   (Dreamweaver is required)
Flash Requirement: Flash is NOT required to use the extension.  If you're an advanced user and want to create custom button images, you'll need Flash MX 2004, 8, CS3, CS4, CS5 or higher.


Have pre-sales questions?  Please use the Contact Us box at the bottom of this page.

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Price: $ USD
License Type: License grants a single developer the right to use the software.  Extension may be used to create audio on unlimited sites.
Included Support Options: Compatible Complimentary email support (response time usually same business day or less)
Compatible Customer forum access (interact with other users of the software)
Compatible On-demand Support Center resources
Safisfaction Guarantee: While no trial version is available, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are at all dissatisfied with your purchase.
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