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Welcome to the XML Flash Slideshow v4, often referred to as the XFS v4.  The Dreamweaver extension allows you to create powerful presentations directly within Dreamweaver, incorporating images, audio, video, and even other SWF animations.  The Standalone version allows for the same type of slideshow creation via a standalone application that doesn't require Dreamweaver.  The possibilities for customization are endless.  While the extensive posibilities are what make the product so special and powerful, it can be a little intimidating when you first get started.

This manual is designed to simplify the usage process, reducing the learning curve and giving instant access to all the information you need.  The sections provide basic information to get started, as well as more detailed information and reference which can be used by experienced users for even higher levels of customization and feature integration.  As you gain experience with the features and become more acquainted, you'll learn to make even more impressive presentations.

Using the Help

On the left, you'll see the navigation tree.  This provides hierarchical access to every topic in the documentation.  Click on an item to jump directly to it.  The current topic is always highlighted.  When a topic has child topics (subtopics), this parent topic will often have little real information in itself; instead, it will just provide information about what its subtopics cover.  To get to the real meat, you'll need to jump on to its first subtopic.

At the top of the page, above the main page title, there are the page breadcrumbs and the navigation arrows.  The breadcrumbs offer easy links to the parent topics of the current topic.  The navigation arrows allow you to to navigate to the previous or next topic:

At the top right, you'll see the pdf download link and search box.  These allow you to download a printable version of the help files and search the documentation respectively.

To print an individual topic, just use the Print command in your browser.  The page will be automatically transformed into a printer-friendly format.


At the bottom of each topic, you can view or add comments relating to that specific topic.    If you wish to disable comments, you can simply add ?&comments=false to the URL in your browser.

Product Versions

There are two product versions - Basic and Professional.  Throughout the manual, those features which are only available in the Pro version are noted.  These include:

  • Special Image Displays - These special image displays offer a display beyond the standard slideshow, including: A 3D Wall/Carousel, a 3D Starfield, an iTunes-style Coverflow, and more.
  • Flickr Photoset Integration Wizard - This special wizard allows for easy integration of a single Flickr Photoset using the Flickr API.  This allows for easy integration beyond the standard Flickr RSS feed.
  • Advanced Color Management - In the Pro version, you can use an advanced color picker, save swatches and color schemes, or even import a color scheme directly from Adobe's Kuler site.  This feature is a big timesaver for serious designers.
  • Flash Component - The Pro version includes SWC components which can be used to integrate slideshows in existing FLA documents or Flex projects.
  • Popup-Link Builder - The Pro version includes a tool to quickly build the necessary links to make a customized popup open when an image is clicked.

To upgrade to the Pro version, see the upgrade page.

Ready To Go?

Proceed to the installation section, where you'll learn how to install the XFS v4.  Have fun!

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