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Getting Started with the XML Flash Slideshow v4

Now that you have the product installed, you're ready to get started creating slideshows.  This portion of the manual gives a high-level overview of the process of using the extension, including workflow and terminology.  The topics in this section are covered in more comprehensive detail in subsequent sections.  Subtopics include:

  • Terms / Vocabulary
  • Preparing to Insert a Slideshow
  • Workflow for the Dreamweaver Extension Version  (How the Extension Works / Integrates with Dreamweaver)
  • Workflow for the Standalone Version
  • Accessing the Dreamweaver Extension (only applies to the Dreamweaver extension version)
  • Accessing the Standalone Slideshow Creator Wizard (only applies to the Standalone version)
  • Previewing Slideshows
  • Deploying Slideshows