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Terms / Vocabulary

When using the product, it's important to be familiar with the terminology used.  This topic details what each of the various terms used in the wizards and documentation mean.

Term Meaning
slideshow This term represents an entire presentation.  This is the standalone element which goes in your HTML page and displays images in one or more galleries.    The examples on our sample page are each a slideshow.
presentation Occasionally used to mean slideshow as defined above.
gallery Within a slideshow, you can have one or more galleries.  Each gallery, which can be thought of as an album, holds images (slides) related to a specific topic.
album Occasionally used to mean gallery as defined above.
Dreamweaver site

Only applies for Dreamweaver Extension version of the product.  When you work in Dreamweaver, you define a Dreamweaver site to organize your files.    This is simply a definition which tells Dreamweaver where all of the files for a project (website) are located on your computer, and where you're uploading them to (if you're ready to upload files).    Think of it as a way to, on your local computer, simulate the setup on your remote web server.  The extension requires that you define a Dreamweaver site before inserting a slideshow; this allows it to install the necessary files into your site.

To learn about how to define a Dreamweaver site, see this helpful video tutorial on Adobe's site: http://www.adobe.com/designcenter/dreamweaver/articles/lrvid4050_dw.html (very good).  Or, see the related page in the Dreamweaver documentation: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Dreamweaver/10.0_Using/WSc78c5058ca073340dcda9110b1f693f21-7a26.html .

Root Folder of Site

The root folder of your site is the folder that holds all of your site's files, including web pages, photos, audio, video and any other assets.  For organization, you must have a file structure of this type, where all site-related files are stored in a single folder (and/or its subfolders) to use the product.  This ensures that your site will appear properly when deployed to the web.

XFS v4 Standalone Slideshow Creator
(AKA Standalone Wizard)
(AKA Standalone Slideshow Creator)
Only applies for Standalone version of the product.  In the Standalone version, this is the main wizard application where slideshow creation and editing takes place.  This application can be launched from either your desktop or your Applications / Programs menu.
External Wizard This is the main wizard application, where slideshow creation and editing takes place.  For the Dreamweaver Extension version of the software, this application is launched from within Dreamweaver.  For the Standalone version of the software, this is just another name for the XFS v4 Standalone Slideshow Creator application (see previous definition).
XML Configuration File Each slideshow you create has a unique XML file which defines the slideshow's setup, including layout, appearance.  These files also define the image galleries for the slideshow, telling the slideshow where the image, video and audio files should be loaded from.