Classpublic final class ContainerCreationPolicy

The ContainerCreationPolicy class defines the constant values for the creationPolicy property of the Container class.

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Public Constants
 ConstantDefined by
  ALL : String = "all"
[static] Immediately create all descendants.
  AUTO : String = "auto"
[static] Delay creating some or all descendants until they are needed.
  NONE : String = "none"
[static] Do not create any children.
  QUEUED : String = "queued"
[static] Add the container to a creation queue.
Constant detail
public static const ALL:String = "all"

Immediately create all descendants.

Avoid using this creationPolicy because it increases the startup time of your application. There is usually no good reason to create components at startup which the user cannot see. If you are using this policy so that you can "push" data into hidden components at startup, you should instead design your application so that the data is stored in data variables and components which are created later "pull" in this data, via databinding or an initialize handler.

public static const AUTO:String = "auto"

Delay creating some or all descendants until they are needed.

For example, if a navigator container such as a TabNavigator has this creationPolicy, it will immediately create all of its children, plus the descendants of the initially selected child. However, it will wait to create the descendants of the other children until the user navigates to them.

public static const NONE:String = "none"

Do not create any children.

With this creationPolicy, it is the developer's responsibility to programmatically create the children from the UIComponentDescriptors by calling createComponentsFromDescriptors() on the parent container.

public static const QUEUED:String = "queued"

Add the container to a creation queue.