Classpublic class PopupThumb
InheritancePopupThumb Inheritance com.dwuser.ss4.ui.ImageFromLibrary

The PopupThumb class holds the style parameters used for the thumbnail images on the PopupToolTip popups which are shown for the PagingControlHolder sub-elements (such as Thumbnails and NumberBar). This class is used to document the available PopupThumb style values which can be applied in the <styles> section of the XML configuration file. This element is never used to create standalone elements in the Layout XML; instead, it is automatically created internally by other elements.

Ironically enough, there actually aren't any style values which can be customized at this time. The PopupThumb's size is controlled by the settings on the PopupToolTip (see that class for more information). This class is documented to allow for possible additional customization options in the future.

Style XML Implementation Example:

The following example code goes in the <styles> section of the main <slideshow> holder node in a slideshow XML configuration file.

The PopupThumb class inherits all of the style tag attributes of its superclass.

      <PopupThumb />

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public function PopupThumb()