Classpublic class WipeRight
InheritanceWipeRight Inheritance MaskEffect Inheritance Effect

[Dummy Class Only!] The WipeRight class defines a bar wipe right effect. The before or after state of the component must be invisible.

You often use this effect with the showEffect and hideEffect triggers. The showEffect trigger occurs when a component becomes visible by changing its visible property from false to true. The hideEffect trigger occurs when the component becomes invisible by changing its visible property from true to false.

This effect inherits the MaskEffect.showTarget property. If you set the value to true, the component appears. If you set the value to false, the component disappears. The default value is true. If you specify this effect for a showEffect or hideEffect trigger, the slideshow automatically sets the showTarget property for you, either to true if the component becomes invisible, or false if the component becomes visible.

This class is part of the EffectLibrary sub-effect documentation. It is a dummy class used only to document the supported parameters for a given sub-effect node.

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Public Properties
 PropertyDefined by
 Inheritedduration : Number
Duration of the effect in milliseconds.
 InheritedrepeatCount : Number
Number of times to repeat the effect.
 InheritedrepeatDelay : Number
Amount of time, in milliseconds, to wait before repeating the effect.
 InheritedshowTarget : Boolean
Specifies that the target is becoming visible (true), or invisible (false).
 InheritedstartDelay : Number
Amount of time, in milliseconds, to wait before starting the effect.
Public Methods
 MethodDefined by
Constructor detail
public function WipeRight()